Monday, February 22, 2010

the direction of television, at least in our house

It seems to me like lately, every time you turn on the television, you can find a reality show about home renovation. Usually, home renovation gone wrong.

Or some other real-estate reality shows. We've been watching a lot of them, actually, the renovation ones can be kind of scary, though, especially because even though it's been almost a year, I am not quite over the whole wood floor installation fiasco. (For the record, that asshole has STILL not come back to finish what he promised us. Think he's going to? Nah, me neither.). Still, we would like to, eventually, renovate our house. We have some good idea's, too, nothing crazy, just some things that we'd like to add, like a built in pantry, a mud room, a master suite... (both bedrooms here are pretty much the same...). But it's not like we're living in squalor. I love our little house.
The show that makes me crazy, usually, though, is House Hunters International. MOST of the people they show on there are these crazily pretentious people who seem to just want to show off the fact that they can purchase an island vacation home somewhere in sunnier climes. I swear the producers of that show go out and find the most annoying dumb asses they possibly can to feature. Every now and then they do "real" people, like the Canadians last night who live in more snow then I would ever tolerate who saved money for years and years and years to buy a cheap condo in the Dominican Republic. (they were kind of nice people, it seemed. Woman said "eh?" quite a bit... would have been a great drinking game).
For some reason, though, we find ourself watching these shows, a lot. Its fun to look at the other houses, even if the people are annoying...


Finding Pam said...

Those people get so winney when they don't get a view of the ocean, a pool and a hot tub. Good grief!

I do watch them too. I like the one where the cute guy helps them remodel and then they rent the basement out.

From one that has done a lot of remodeling, I can tell you to find a reputable carpenter first.
We learned the hard way, but the last remodel was perfect.

I think you can stop waiting on the guy to come and finish your floor. Sorry.

Daryl said...

Interestingly while watching something either golf, basketball or the Olympics ToonMan said 'isnt it interesting that we've never watched any reality show except that one in the summer .. what's it called?' and I replied 'Wipe Out? It was one when we switched channels and we got sucked in .. it was like watching a train wreck' .. he agreed and I said 'I like to think I have enough reality in my life as it is' and he said 'except we never see people trying to jump onto gigantic rubber balls while they are dripping in mud' .. I had to agree ...

sybil law said...

Househunters International really is filled with tools. It makes me crazy!!
We still haven't done much to this house. We did so much to our last house that - ugh- I think we're so burnt out on it, you know?
Still - it's fun to think of what I'd do if I had the time, patience and oodles of money. (Okay - with oodles of money I'd build a new house from scratch!)