Monday, December 8, 2008

its Monday, again

Let me just start out by saying that my Midshipmen didn't let me down. They routed the Army 35-0. The army was wearing their new, camoflauge uniforms. My guess is that the QB couldn't see the rest of his team for some reason. When I woke up Saturday and immediately went to the computer to see the score, I did a happy, happy dance. Seventh year in a row my boys have taken the trophy. Makes me very happy.
Saturday was a happy day in general. We went out to dinner, and then I got put on call. So we went and found our Christmas Tree, came home, and decorated it. That always makes me happy. I think the tree is my favorite part of Christmas, and I look forward to it, every year. I got to stay home all night, they didn't need me, so Sunday I was nice and rested. We decorated the outside of the house, and gate, for Christmas (picture to come). All we need to do is hang the lights on the house now, and it's all good.
The Nutcracker performance we went to see was very entertaining. Our little ballerina was in the Party Scene, and then, came back as a very cute little mouse. She had a great time, and we enjoyed watching her. I think my favorite part of the show, though, were these little tiny little snowflakes. Little, little ballerinas who could barely toddle, let alone dance. Yet dance, they did, and blow kisses. It was priceless.
And so, the holiday season is upon us. The house is decorated. The tree is up, The Nutcracker has been seen. I have surrendered to it all.
I still think playing Christmas Commercials before Thanksgiving should get someone shot, though....


Mary said...

I love watching little toddlers at those sorts of performances. They are unbelievably sweet. But then I think back to how much work they were, and I thank my lucky stars that I'm past that point.