Thursday, July 17, 2008

people suck

Had no internet services this morning. That sucked.
Then we went to the not local large chain home supply store to pick up our special order screen door. That sucked, too. Especially the asshats who were shopping there who felt it necessary to quiz me on why we were standing in the customer service line (to pick up our door, duh, now F* off). Turns out they were store employees, shopping in the store, and wanted to go in front of us in line. )
Add to that the idiots that are driving around today, and well.
I just am not a fan of most of the human race.
and I have to work tonight. Should be fun.


CamiKaos said...

want me to shun them for you? I totally will.

Jo Beaufoix said...

bugger I hate days like these. Hope it got better. I'm all caught up now. Love the house, it's looking good. And yay for Stephan for rescuing a damsel in distress. And I was a Brownie when I was little and loved it. My Gran was Brown owl so that probably helped but Miss E isn't too fussed. Great miography.

holly said...

you're so right. people do suck. people at shops suck so much more. there is a mathematical formula which i won't bore you with here that will determine how much a person sucks by both geography and time of day. it's handy...

but mostly only for telling people that it exists.

julie said...

I condemn idiots daily. You are not alone.