Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'm baaaaack

Oh God its sooooo good to be home. I am so very tired. This vacation was no relaxation. I will expound in more detail tomorrow, (later today by this point) but here are some of the fun, and not so fun highlights you can look forward to.

I "accidentally" tossed a piece of gum onto a lawn of a particular, uhm, pale house with lots of fences around it over in DC on my Aunt S's birthday. Just for her. And because I would have been arrested throwing what she REALLY wanted us to toss onto said lawn.

I drank my weight in Bordeaux at the Sofitel Lafayette in DC. It was so good, I want to go back for more

Though I wanted to, numerous times, I did not commit matricide. The closest I came to it was at the tombs of the unknown soldiers in DC

Oh how I love Central Park

Our first day in NY, my friend Nancy, who was with us, learned that her dog, Edmund, had died. I loved that dog. We found out literally seconds after I posted that brief note...

Then, Friday, Celtic Rose's sweet doggie Murray went the way of the rainbow as well. I loved that dog as much as I loved Edmund. My furry nephews will be missed. :(\

NY pizza is the best, I don't care what anyone says

The Statue of Liberty is very very small

I missed you all. . .


CamiKaos said...

OMG. Thank god you're home. THat was the perfect b-day present for aunt S.

sybil law said...

Sweet! I am so glad you're home!
NY pizza IS the best.

Bubblewench said...

Yes, NY Pizza is the best, and I do love Central Park too...

Welcome back.