Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Queen Meme Tuesday

Sometimes silly.
Sometimes serious.
Always fun!
Step out of the box.
Be creative.
Use your imagination.
No one's answers are quite like yours

So much crazy news out there lately -from sunbursts to outbursts to implants to supplements. Here are a few topics spinning off the newswire.. Sound off and tell us how you really feel about it. Your opinion counts.

1. What would you do about the BP oil spill? Give us your suggestions. I would have prevented it from happening in the first place.

2. Tipper and Al Gore are calling it quits. I honestly think its a real shame, that you spend 40 years with someone, but yet you can't figure out how to stick out the last few? On the other hand, who knows how long they've been unhappy. If they can gain some happiness, then more power to them. I cannot imagine either one of them trying to get a date, though. Can you imagine his Eharmony profile? *shudder*

3. It’s hot! The heat index topped 104 degrees today in some parts of the United States. How is the weather in your part of the world? We're hanging around in the mid 80's. Perfect weather for hanging out in the shade in my hammock.

4. Do you think smoking should be banned in public places? Yes please.

5. Unemployment from the top down: Do you think President Obama has a good chance or no chance of being re-elected in the next US election? The American public is so fickle that I refuse to even hazard a guess on that right now. It depends on which way the wind is blowing on election day.

6. What??! Actor Gary Coleman’s wife reportedly sold private pictures of the deceased actor on his deathbed. TACKY TACKY TACKY. I hope she doesn't get a penny.

7. Texting while driving. Do you? Don't you? Will you? Won't you? No way in hell. Cell phone talking is bad enough, I've already been rear ended by a teenager doing just that.

8. Lindsay Lohan. Has she been treated fairly or unfairly by the legal system? I really wouldn't know. I gave up on her when she went blonde and grew up trashy.

9. The Sarah Palin rumor mill caught wind of her recent decision to have breast implants….so said the reporters-who-need-to-get-a-job-and-stop-making-up-news. She has denied the earthshaking allegations. Was this really news? For me, she stopped being news a very long time ago. She needs to go back to Alaska.

10. An asteroid is supposed to hit earth this Friday. Are you prepared? No, and I probably won't be. Hopefully it will hit desert somewhere and not in my neck of the woods.


Finding Pam said...

I wish this had never happened too.
Al's dating profile...don't think so.

I agree with you on Sarah returing to ALaska.

Great ansers.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Why do so many young stars go blonde and trashy?