Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Darylization

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Daphnie had always been a nervous little dog. She was the runt of her litter, and all her brothers and sisters used to pick on her, incessantly.
"You're not as cute as we are" they said. "You won't find a home half as nice as we do" they poked. Even her mother seemed to have less time for her.
"Go play, and work on holding up your ears", she instructed her regularly.
One by one, her siblings were adopted. All eight of them. Daphnie did her best to hold her ears up, but she couldn't do that, and wag her tail at the same time. And everyone knew that a dog had to wag their tail.
Finally, she was the last one left. She watched forlornly as Marietta flounced away with her little boy. Marietta had a crooked tail, but she STILL got a home!
Suddenly, a lady came in the house, and walked up to pen where Daphnie was the lone puppy left.
"She's perfect" said the lady, before Daphnie could even wag her tail. "I hope this woman isn't Cruella de Ville" thought Daphnie, as she was scooped up.
The woman was anything but, though. She just knew what she liked, and she liked Daphnie. Before long they were best of friends, going everywhere together. Even the park, where Daphnie snuggled, and the woman read to her from books.


Daryl said...

Aw .. that was so sweet, even tho I knew it would end well I was worried about Daphnie

Lissa said...

what adorable story, it shows everyone can be love no matter of their imperfect features or lack of

came by from daryl's place

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Bubblewench said...

Awww.. that's such a great story!