Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday 13

It's Thursday. And I am in search of 13 things.
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Thirteen Things I spy with My little Eye

1. Sign Here sticky notes in red and yellow
2. Corporate Express Pencil Sharpener
3. Busy co worker flipping through charts
4. Wheel Chair #7
5. A phone book with a bail bonds advertisement on it's spine
6. boxes and boxes of green medical gloves
7. Coffee cup adorned with a black cat and pumpkins
8. Claim Jumper Restaurant badge in the shape of a sheriff star, says 'Buffy'
9. An annoying patient screaming at me to untie him
10. A 10 cc syringe
11. Blood collection tubes
12. A fire extinguisher
13. The clock that is moving too darn slow.

Can anyone guess where I am at today?


Darla said...

Well, given what you can see, there are some places I hope you aren't :)

Sounds like a nursing station desk in a hospital.

sybil law said...

Clearly, you are at home in the bedroom, revving up/ relaxing for a sexy evening with MM.
Or, at work.

Daryl said...

Corporate Express ... the bain of my existence .. no, really


holly said...

why did you have some patient tied up? wow. the things you get away with in the states...