Monday, October 27, 2008

it's that time

Report Cards.
Remember getting those? I do.
And they have changed... a lot.
I remember the hand written ones. The ones with a space for comments, where it seemed, no matter how bad you were, your teacher always found something positive to say about you. (Not that I was bad...).
My highschool report cards were not hand written, but, yet, somehow they managed to be somewhat personalized. At least it felt that way to me. By then I had (mostly) good grades, and never feared bringing my report card home.
These days, they still bring them home. And from what I could tell from the 8th grade one Monkey Girl brought home, they are very boring, and not personal at all. Nothing reflecting anything about the student.
Today, or tomorrow, she brings home her first highschool report card.
And we can also see it online.
Can you imagine having your parents have total access to your grades at all times? Frankly, the thought makes me shudder. I think I would have been in permanent trouble, certain years of my school career. Thank God computerized grading and posting was not a part of my little world. I almost have to feel sorry for MG.
But she is a good student. No worries there....
I wonder, do the little kids still get the nice ones with notes from the teachers? Those of you with little ones chime in, and satisfy my curiosity for me :)
Good night, going to bed!


CamiKaos said...

in kindergarten they did, but they also didn't have ABCDF grades... We'll see next month about 1st grade.

Bubblewench said...

we had handwritten cards all the way through high school.... but that was just after the dark ages.

Lori said...

The ones for all the kids in our district look the same, just grades. BUT, usually the elementary teachers add a handwritten note on the bottom.

I LOVE being able to keep track of the grades on the computer. I get them e-mailed to me on Mondays. Helps me keep track before the end of the semester when I would get a surprise. Plus, Carissa needs a bit of extra coaxing to turn things in sometimes!

sybil law said...

Gilda gets handwritten comments on her cards, so far, anyway. I am always AT her freaking school, so i pretty much know what's going on ALL the time. It's kinda annoying! :)

Daryl said...

I cannot remember what we had except I was always in trouble... and I didnt work to my 'potential' which was code for Underachiever..


david mcmahon said...

I remember the hand-written reports too!

Hilary said...

Though computer-generated, my kids always had personal comments on their report cards all through to the last of high school. Not all teachers opted to make that comment, but most did. I still have my own handwritten reports from... eons ago.

Reporting here from David's/Authorblog.

Sandi McBride said...

I wish they did still have the handwritten ones, my Granddaughter is in the third grade and these are her first A's and B's having been with the S and U the first years of school...just a straight forward report, I need a note from the teacher, lol!
Over here from Davids, congrats on Post of the Day mention!

Jane said...

High School reports are all computerised and impersonal for my girls. There is also online access to them all the time too. What a pressure. The Little Guy gets a report with a sweet summary from the teacher on the bottom of it which is so nice.