Tuesday, October 14, 2008


When we moved into this house, we had (yes had) this nice little section to the side of the house, with some ground cover, and a fountain.
Not my first choice when it comes to 'fountain' (for lack of a better word). It is basically a cement bowl held up by three cement cherubs.
The first calamity, if you want to call it that, was that the ground cover pretty much died. BUT. It was the heat of August, we weren't exactly watering it on a reliable basis, AND, there were three young puppies running around peeing in it on a regular basis. (You'd think that would constitute water. Apparently, not.)
Strike two came about oh, I am not sure when. One day I went out there, and one of the cherubs was headless. There is a naked baby without a head holding up the fountain. Yes I am serious. Come back tomorrow, I'll put up the picture for wordless wednesday.
The cherub head is still laying in the dead ground cover. It entertains me, now, this headless cherub. I am not so secretly hoping that one day I will come home and one of the dogs will be running around with a cement cherub's head in its mouth. If it happens I will take the picture and put IT up for Wordless Wednesday....
Today, today was the strike three for the so called fountain.
I had attempted to get the bowl to hold water for the little birdies we have out here. The sun was too warm and the water evaporated too fast. So a few weeks ago, I put a bunch of bird seed in the bowl, and have enjoyed watching these little tiny round puffballs enjoy the seed I left out for them. Those little round chirpy's can eat a lot, though. So I got them another bag today. And I filled the bowl for them, and sprinkled some around all the patch of dead ground cover. While I was in the kitchen making dinner, I heard this noise. The thud, of something hitting the earth.
I looked out the side window of the kitchen, and there it was. 3 cherubs, (well, two and a half?) holding up...
On the ground, surrounded by seed, was the cement bowl. Sitting next to the bowl, picking the choice sunflower seeds out of the mix
was a squirrel.
Evil little furry bastard.
Next spring I am going to go find a fountain/bird bath (sans cherub, thanks so much) that will electrocute anything heavier than the little finches I like so much.
Roasted Ground Squirrel, anyone?


sybil law said...

There's squirrel soup, squirrel stew, squirrel kebab, fried squirrel...
Squirrels can be so freaking destructive!!! But man, they are so, so cute. Anyway, it sounds like he did you a favor!

Daryl said...

Skirrels are bad bad bad .. flying rats ... digger uppers of window boxes and gardens ... I know someone who spent a lot trying to find the perfect bird feeder that keeps skirrels out .. she is still looking ... stinkin; skirrels

Lori said...

Oh, I'd like to see THAT wordless Wednesday.

I'm all over the book thing, too.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee, so funny. :D I thought yo were going to tell me it had squashed the little birds. :D