Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin fun

carved by Mustang Man

carved by Mustang Girl

carved by Mie

We carved our pumpkins this last weekend, and I must say that the talent of pumpkin carving in our little family ranges from mediocre (me), to stellar (Mustang Man and Mustang Girl).
In my own defense. I still do not have nearly the use of my right hand that I wanted to have. It's been almost a year since my carpal tunnel surgery. I can do most of the stuff I want to, but when it comes to delicate stuff or any fine motor skill, my hand gets fatigued very easily, and starts to hurt. It sucks. And there are still days that I can't manage to use chopsticks.
Alright, whine over.........


Bubblewench said...

I second the hand whine. But on the left hand.

But I do love ALL the pumpkins! Super awesome! Nice job!

MM said...

Mie made an awesome bat, the pumpkin knife messed it up. :) My hands hurt for the rest of the weekend after that.

sybil law said...

They ALL look fabulous!!

NanaKaos said...

Tried to comment the other day, but alas the blogger site wouldn't let me. I really love the pirate ship

Daryl said...

MG's is the best .. I am impressed .. it made me think of Wicked


holly said...

oooooh it's all good. if a pumpkin is carved? it's for the greater good. the greater good!

i just saw a recipe (on google ad, i so do not hunt recipes...) for pumpkin pie ice cream. i'm sooo going to try that!