Wednesday, September 21, 2011

lets try again


I'm on the computer, twice this week! MM and MB are napping together on the couch. (I'd post a picture but it is really not MM's thing when I take pictures of him sleeping, even if he's with the cute baby).
Its funny how my time priorities have changed. I used to climb out of bed leisurely, open my computer, peruse the news, the blogs, look around at a few things, IM with MM while he was at work...
Now, of course, my time revolves around the cute new boy in the house. And I'm totally not complaining about that. One of the funny things I've noticed now is that I can be satisfied looking like hell most days, but MB has to look totally cute or I'm not satisfied. :).
My new work shoes should be coming tomorrow, thats the soonest I can get them. I'm hoping that I get to stay home on call tonight. If not, I'm going to have to wear my not work shoes to work in, which I don't like doing. I have this thing about keeping the stuff I wear in the hospital separate. Even shoes. But I CANNOT wear my other nursing shoes anymore without extreme pain. I like not being in extreme pain...
MG turned 17 yesterday... we are making her ugly cake this weekend for her. I still can't believe she's 17, and graduating from high school this year. I met her when she was this cute little 12 year old. She has grown up so fast. I'm sure, in a few years I will be crying about how fast my boy has grown up on me too. But for now?
I still get the good smelling baby :)


sybil law said...

Twice in one week!

Hope MG has a great birthday! Time definitely flies!!

Daryl said...

Wishing her a very happy ugly cake .. and I hope hope hope your shoes get there before you need to wear them, nothing not even labor is as awful as pinched feet .. okay so I havent ever been in labor but I sure know about pinched feet

Mimi said...

Happy Birthday MG! Many Years!