Monday, September 19, 2011


Its talk like a pirate day, but frankly? I'm too tired to actually attempt it. I'd probably hurt myself.

MB is in his swing right now, but has been fussy today so I am expecting it won't last long so I better update in a hurry.
Work has been work. It hasn't changed. Going back was VERY hard, for many reasons. Somehow, my feet are wider than they were before MB, and my shoes just aren't cutting it, and it really is bad working 12 hours in shoes that are not wide enough. Not a good thing. And I can't find any locally so I am awaiting some mail order shoes....
emotionally, I cry at least once a shift because I am not at home. I do miss everyone when I am at work. But I still like my job and want to do it.
Oh man. Tears and crying from the swing. I knew that wouldn't last long.
We're all good here. I ate carnitas last night, home made. I think they didn't agree with MB, and now I feel bad and have to go soothe him...
so Hi and Bye I guess


Mimi said...

The wider feet thing? Totally normal.

sybil law said...

So easy to forget how hard those first few months are with a baby. I guess that's why most people keep having them!
Hope the whole house gets some restful sleep tonight!

Daryl said...

Uh oh, all that pregnancy advice and no one told you that your feet would grow/spread? Seriously. I worked with a woman who was oh so stylish back in the day and she owned all these gorgeous Maude Frizzon shoes.. oh so expensive .. she got pregnant, had a lovely little girl and not a single pair of VERY expensive shoes fit again......... and how mean a mama are you having spices while nursing ...

Bubblewench said...

I've be so lax in vising blogs. I am so glad to see that MB is doing so well, and sd that you are having bad shoe issues!

I am glad everyone is healthy and doing well.

lots of love.