Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A rose by any other name

In typical fashion for our house hold, the only name we'd firmly decided on for the Hun was a girl name. So, of course. He's a boy. Can anyone say "let the games begin?"

We've been looking around at some websites, but those can be dangerous. A fun one is the social security name index (which isn't wanting to open for me or I would link it for you). MM had a little TOO much fun with that one, however, by looking at the popular names in California, and suggesting names for the kid like Fernando, and Carlos, and Juan, just to name a few.
There is nothing wrong with those names. But we are probably one of the whitest couples you will ever hope to meet. We both are German stock, and on my side, you can toss in plenty of Scandinavian, too. Our baby will not have the tan to pull off Carlos, Juan, or Fernando. And neither of those names goes very well with with the baby's last name. Sounds really funny.
We seem to be headed in the direction of family names. We presently have 3 names in the offing. Naming the baby after MM, naming the baby after his grandfathers, or naming the baby after his great grandfathers.
I know what your thinking. I'm being a tease. But, I don't really use our names on the blog. I am aware most of you know our names. Or at least mine. But I haven't really put MM or MG's name out there. And the boy is probably going to be "Mustang Boy" on here. At any rate, we are not firm on his name yet. What we are doing is trying each name on for a week, to see how it sounds, how it feels, if its a comfortable fit.
In other fun news, sleeping has become a major issue for me. All my ligaments and muscles are relaxing, making things more roomy for the Hun to stretch and grow. Good for him, but my hips, and sciatic are groaning! Finding a position to comfortably sleep in has become my mission in life. We got a long, black body pillow to try and help ease things, but trying to find the right way to fit the two of us, and that thing in our queen sized bed is like wrestling a steer in the dark. Add all the sheets and blankets that I get all tied up in during the wrestling match, and I end up a very frustrated sleeper. Then, when I go to sleep? Foot cramps. How fun. I always get them when I am cold. And we've had a shit ton of snow this last week, and now that we've managed to clear some out, another storm is coming in Thursday, to dump more on us. Thankfully, we only lost power once this time, and only for a day.
Still awaiting the amniocentesis results. They said it could take as long as 10 days. Its been less than a week, so I am being patient....


sybil law said...

Okay, so not Mick...
What about Gunther? Or Hanz? Or Franz?
I REALLY don't miss those cramps and sleepless nights! Good luck!

Finding Pam said...

Thank goodness your discomfort will long be forgotten when your little boy arrives.

I like the idea of getting to know your baby's personality first and them giving him a name later, but the hospitals won't let you leave with out a name.

Our youngest son's name is Ian Hunter. We were set on calling him Ian. Unfortunately no one could pronounce it correctly. I have never seen people abuse a three letter word so shamelessly. We wound up calling her Hunter.

Our oldest son is named after a cloose family friend and combined with his dad's name. Who was a close family friend.

I like the idea of family names. MY husband's great aunt and the keeper of the family genalogy wanted us to name our son after their great great great grandfather. His name was Ninion. Can you imagine being stuck with a name like that. OMG! LOL!

Keep test driving those names until one sounds right. Funny I had girls names picked out bc the doctor thought I was having a girl. This was before sonagrams were in use.

Daryl said...

I had a body pillow - Jack peed on it - but before that happened I gave up using it because it got so entangled with the sheets/quilts I ended up kicking it out of bed most nights ... it was a delight to sleep with during the summer months when there's less bedding to deal with.

Names ... never easy. I would say wait to see what he looks like or who he looks like but I doubt anyone does that .. other than cat owners ...

Bubblewench said...

Names are so difficult! Please email or text me what you choose when you do. I'm dying to know!

Mimi said...

I have a story about that name.

I so remember those days of waking up with a stiff hip, and taking twenty minutes to roll over to find a new comfortable place. Grin. Grow baby, grow!