Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I think this baby is going to be a prankster...

I had an OB appointment today. I have to really say, I accidentally chose the exact right OB for my personality. Dr. D is laid back, experienced, low key. I like that.

Being as the amnio is tomorrow, he wanted to just do a quick check to make sure we were all systems go.
I am 16 weeks along now, towards the end of that "limbo" stage where everything seems to be there, but not there. I am starting to feel some of those first flutters of movement. Not anything definitive, like a kick, just these odd little "thrills" every now and again.
So, there we are, and Dr. D is measuring my belly, doing the things that go with a routine check up, and he breaks out the doppler, for the heartbeat check. Last time, when I had that spotting, he didn't find the heartbeat with the doppler, we just used a quick ultrasound instead, and watched the heart beat. So I was kind of looking forward to hearing that woosh woosh.
the baby had a different idea.
Un cooperative little bugger.
He/she wouldn't come out of hiding. And at 16 weeks, it's not like the baby is large enough to really find THAT easily.
So, I found myself disappointed, and needing to wait for a bit, so that we could do a quick ultra sound look again.
Eventually, I get to the US room, and Dr. D puts the machine on, turns the screen towards me, and then the little prankster starts doing tricks!
My first pose involved the arm going over the head, almost reclining. "How you doin'" type of thing. Then, just because he/she can, the arm comes down, and the leg goes up. And over the head. "Can you see me now?" Then, just for fun, the pike position, like a little diver. This kid was moving all over the place! I mentioned to Dr. D that we would not mind if he revealed the gender, we plan on finding out anyhow. So he goes for a look, and sure enough, show time over! Legs clamp shut. "What you lookin' for"?
We did, also, see the heart, merrily pumping away, as it should be. The reason why it was so hard to doppler is that the baby is hanging out high in the uterus today, up near the thickest part of the placenta, so that was harder to find and get through. No worries there. All in all, Dr. D is very happy with how we are coming along now, and expects that everything will be fine tomorrow with the amnio.
I have to say, the OB appointment days are both very sweet, but a little scary. That thought of something being wrong drifts through my head, and I kind of hold my breath. Then, seeing that screen, the actual baby. It takes my breath away for a different reason. And there I am, crying. Then, and now. I realize I am lucky with my choice of MD's. I've been able to see our baby at every appointment. Most ladies get ultra sounds at the first appointment, then the fifth month.
I still want to hear the woosh woosh. But there is something really comforting at watching the baby acrobatics on that big screen....


sybil law said...

GAH! I still don't know?!! WAAAH!
(Glad everything's going well, though!)

Finding Pam said...

It seems your little baby is a gymnist? It is good to know that he is so active.

Your doctor sounds great and I am glad that you like him. Believe me you and he will share some very intimate moments together. LOL! You know what I mean?

I know it will be scary doing the amnio, but all will be fine.

Daryl said...

SO cool .. so so so cool .. xoxox