Thursday, February 10, 2011

I got nuttin'

I seem to have entered this 'limbo' period of time where things are just kind of, well, status quo? Its interesting, and, frankly, a little frightening. Most of my first trimester woes are either gone, or much less extreme. I am so happy to say I have not vomited for a very long time. My hormones still seem to be getting the best of me at times, but I am actually working on that, on staying calm and happy instead of either angry, frustrated, or weepy. Having all the symptoms be gone makes me a little paranoid though, honestly there are times when I worry, "is the baby still there?". It sounds silly, but yet, there it is. I am not quite 4 months, so I don't really feel the baby move yet, and I am not 'showing'. I talk myself out of the worry, pretty easily. Babies don't just disappear, and I have no symptoms of anything gone wrong. I lump the paranoia in with the hormone production, and try to move on with my day.

My appetite is still completely changed. Its less. And that causes me worry, too. I am doing my best to eat well and healthy. But sometimes? I am just not hungry. And I am getting these 'what to expect when your expecting' updates, that tell me I should be eating every TWO HOURS.
Every 2 hours? I Can't. I really can't. Now, I started this adventure *not* a petite woman. My OB told me the baby would be fine without me gaining any weight (and he's right). But I've LOST weight. Its freaky. But yet, I've had countless women tell me they lost weight while pregnant. And their babies were fine. I figure the baby is taking all the nutrients it needs. But I wonder, where is that going to leave me? I don't feel horrible or anemic or anything. So I guess we're both okay.
In less than a week, I have an OB appointment, and then, a day later, the amniocentesis. With any luck, by the end of next week, or the beginning of the next, we will know the baby's gender.
I am actually letting MM tell people the gender of the baby. I get to do all the other kinds of things, I think it is going to be so much fun watching him share the news of what we are having... I will try to get him to do a blog post announcement for you guys. But it might be over on his neglected blog....
In 'not baby' news, not a lot, either. MM had a lovely birthday, MG is surviving her junior year in high school, and doing well. We are having some extended family troubles with my niece, who REALLY needs to pull her head out of her ass and grow up. But, sadly? I don't see any hope of that happening any time soon. She is not doing well... all I can do is support my sister, and pray, though. Its in hands that are bigger than my own...


sybil law said...

Holy moly! I'm glad things are going well. I had to avoid the baby books - they made me really paranoid about everything. And yep - just follow your body as the guide for everything. Eat when - and what - you want. Unless it's like, paint. Haha
So exciting!! :D

Finding Pam said...

Those hormones can make you question everything. I am looking forward to hearing "It's a boy, or It's a girl".

I hope all goes well. I'm glad you are over the throw up stage. It gets better.

Mimi said...

I totally remember that feeling - it was almost as if I didn't think I was pregnant, no showing, no sickness, no baby kicks.
It all starts to roll soon, though :)