Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This meme is called
You Are On Your Way

1. You are at a party in a very bad mood. There is an obnoxious guest with a camera snapping pictures of everyone in sight. Do you allow the photographs or ask them to stop? I would probably smile politely, for ONE photo, and if the guy persisted, I would more than likely leave because I shouldn't be at a party in a bad mood. Or, I would "accidentally" toss a drink, or worse on him.

2. You are shopping and watch the lady beside you at the jewelry co
unter slip an expensive diamond ring in her purse. What do you do? Honestly? I would rat her out. Stealing is not okay. I'd probably feel more compassionate towards someone stealing food, but a diamond ring? Nope.

3. You are on your way to a black tie affair and running late. You are the guest speaker at this event and everyone is waiting for you. A police officer pulls you over for speeding. Do you make up a story or tell him where you are going and try to talk your way out of the citation? Tell us your excuse. My Nursing license is right next to my drivers license. Most cops really hate to ticket nurses, especially in their hometowns, because we have long memories, mwaa haa haa. I'd probably just cry, because, knock on wood, I have NEVER gotten a speeding ticket.

4. You are on your way downstairs on Christmas morning to see what Santa Claus left. There are no gifts under the tree. He leaves a note that reads, "You've been VERY naughty this year."
What did you do??! Cried on a cop ;) or lied to him. Um, what didn't I do might be a better question. Is Santa going to visit us in the dungeon?

5. You are halfway through a first date with someone you really like. Suddenly your ex walks in and sits down at the table beside you. What do you do? Have an even better time. But I would probably try to speed up the date a little until we left the restaurant. Or better yet, complain to the waiter that the guest they just seated smells like a distillery (which would be true) and ask to be moved.

6. You are on your way to meet a billionaire. She is going to give you enough money to live on for the rest of your life IF you can answer this question correctly: Which came first the chicken or the egg? Absolutely the egg. God wanted to see if he could make such a smooth, oval object produce something as funny looking as a chicken. Its his own personal joke.

7. You are on your way to the sun and moon and stars for an intergalactic vacation.
You crash into a rainbow.
What do you find in your pot of gold? The miracle cure for Cancer.

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Anonymous said...

good answers...

Mimi Lenox said...

Your last answer really threw me. We all wish for that.
Nicely done.

I think it means that you deserve to get out of the dungeon....but...but...I can't do that. You are having way too much fun in there and keeping the other prisoners happy and laughing - not to mention healthy. I'm sorry. You have to stay.
Picard and Pam have been thrown in you know. Something about my "strange" questions. Baahhh!

Mimi Lenox said...

Yes, there will be gifts.