Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Mieography

This was a tough one!

I couldn't find any online information on this lady, so I had to fly all the way to Finland to interview her.
Why Finland?
Because we ALL know that Mr. and Mrs. Claus live in Rovaneimi, Finland, don't we?

So, Mrs. Claus.... here is her mieography, straight from my interview with her.

She was born in a little, tiny village, somewhere in Sweden, in a year she would rather keep to herself. Her parents named her Kristina Maria, she was the second of four daughters. Her mother was the town blacksmith, and her father was the local schoolteacher. He educated all the children of their village, and made sure they had a very thorough education!
Kristina had her heart set on going away to college, and becoming a school teacher like her father, for she loved children. When she was there, she got a taste of what life was like away from her small village, and though she had fun initially, she found herself getting in trouble, and having poor grades. Fortunately, for her, she met a very nice young man, named Nick, and began to spend her time with him. She graduated from college Magna Cum Laude, with her teaching degree. By this time, she and Nick were in love, and he wanted to marry her. Before he proposed, though, he needed to tell her of his destiny.
Kristina was shocked and amazed at the fanciful tale he wove for her, about him being the heir to THE Santa Claus. He told her if she chose to honor him with her hand in marriage, they would HAVE to go live in Rovaneimi, with the elves, and reindeer, and that the magic of their home meant that they would live, a very, VERY long time, until it was time for him to choose to step down, and find an heir of his own.
She loved him, so she bravely accepted his marriage proposal, and went with him to live in Rovaneimi. They have established quite a compound there, and Mrs. Claus has devoted her life to educating the elves during their downtime.
She does not speculate about how much longer she and Nick plan on continuing their role, she only tells me he has not found an heir, yet, as he is being very selective.


Daryl said...

Brava .. I have missed your fiction .. not that I am saying this is fiction .. glad to see you let your imagination out to play! xo

sybil law said...

Zoe wants to know how you got an interview with her!!!
This is my very favorite Mieography!!