Monday, December 14, 2009

mixed bag

Oh my brain, it does hurt.

Going back to work tonight after 2 nights off, I am still tired from the three I worked last week!
On the plus side, though it was beautiful, the rain we got all weekend long washed away the foot of snow we'd gotten on Sunday and Monday.
We are also "dog sitting" this week, we have Mr. Kilts black lab mix, Lulu, gracing us with her presence. She is a sweet girl, not the high energy level of our dogs. She is obviously confused by their energy level, and doesn't quite like it when they get too bouncy around her.
One of my pregnant fish gave us a few babies, this last week, too. I managed to save a whole 2 of them. (2 is MORE than enough). They are cute when they are little tiny things! Hard to see, though. Right now they are living in a smaller, separate tank.
Oops gotta go, dogs barking
happy Monday


sybil law said...

And Happy Tuesday, too! :)