Monday, November 16, 2009

The Parental Units

We had a road trip this weekend, down to visit my parents. My mom, Aunt Tuna, has recently had surgery on her foot, and she had a serious case of cabin fever. She's been holed up for a few weeks, and still has her foot in this ugly shoe thingy that she has to wear, but she needed to be OUT!
My Dad has been under the weather, too. He has been having some throat issues, and it involves him having a biopsy and cat scans and all of that. I am really hoping and praying that it is something minor. And not something else. The word we are all thinking, but NOT ready to say, yet. NOT ready to say.
Anyhow. So we went to visit, to get my Mom out of the house, to end her cabin fever. MG and I took her to the store, and around, and then we went back and got all the men, and went to dinner. It was a nice trip down. MG got to see where I grew up, even the room I lived in for years. (too many years!).
I am working Thanksgiving, so we won't be making it down there for Turkey day, so it was nice to be able to get a short visit in...


sybil law said...

I'm so happy you guys could go visit the 'rents - I'm sure your mom appreciated it!!
Best thoughts for your dad.

Mimi said...

First time you took him to the Springs, eh? Grin!
I'm glad your mom is feeling better.