Thursday, August 2, 2012

various and sundry ramblings of a tired brain

Had to work 4 shifts in a row this week. 15.5 hour shifts, which were kind of busy and crazy at intermittent times. I learned one thing. If I pick up my phone to do something silly, or not work related, a patient somewhere will sense it and call me, and probably need a visit. It's all good. It's what they pay me for, and it allows me to get more sleep than I was getting, and, stay home for some of the time. I still really like the job. One of the families I helped this week actually thanked me, in the newspaper obituary for their Mom. It was nice, but a little strange to be mentioned in someone's obit. . . .
     In other news, we are taking MB on his first big trip this week. My sweet cousin is getting married in Seattle, and since Dan also has family up there, we get to see them, too! Tonight, at 8 we are flying out. I'm sure MB will be great on the plane, we have packed snacks, a bottle, and things to entertain him. Did you know that formula is allowed to be over the 3 oz. rule when traveling with an infant? He's been drinking whole milk for a few weeks now, but for the flight I'm bringing a formula bottle, because I can! They won't let me bring milk through over 3 oz. and using the bottle will help his ears to pop when we take off, and land...
Let's see, what else.
We hired the single mama babysitter, and so far things are working out well. She's come twice, and MB and her little boy get along really well with each other. It's really nice to see the interaction between the two of them. So far, they haven't come to blows over any toys, which is a wonderful thing. I hope we continue down that path. He is entering the toddler stage, though, and we've had a few demonstrations from him this week of the "what's yours is mine, what's mine is mine, and anything I see is also mine" mind set of young children. He's also now fully rejecting any kind of baby food, even ones that he LOVED just one week ago. The other night he ate pork chops and mac and cheese for dinner. Sheesh.
So, how 'bout them Yankees? :)


Daryl said...

what a lot of great stuff ... i have missed your 'voice'! xo