Monday, April 4, 2011


We spent some time this weekend with my family, at my middle sister's house. My Aunt from Seattle is down visiting, and everyone gathered for a small bbq and gathering.

My Mom has been after me, lately, to register the baby, specifically, on Target. Because most people have access to a Target.
Have I explained to you that shopping is actually not my favorite activity? I enjoy it in brief spurts. The thought of wandering Target with a scanner, even for cute baby stuff, kind of sets my teeth on edge.
So I did it on the computer, instead. (and it still gave me a headache.)
If any of you are interested in seeing the registry, let me know, I will email you the link. (Its listed under the name we've chosen for Mustang Boy).
What made me laugh, is that though I am not one of those people that always thinks "blue for boys", I found myself really picking most things in the realm of the blue's for him. I tried to toss in some brown, and some green. I really lean away from the white, because, white shows every dirt, spit up, or other malfunction. Yet, he's going to be a summer baby. I don't want him too hot, either, in darker colors! So, I ended up with lots of light blue choices... so much for not going with "boy" colors. I had to laugh. Its really hard not to go that direction.... especially because I don't necessarily enjoy pink, or yellow...


sybil law said...

I remember being determined not to have my kid wear a ton of pink - I gave up on that dream pretty quickly, though. I mean, it's plentiful, and people just looove seeing a baby girl in pink! (Also, the few times she wore black, well, once, some lady said, "it's a boy, right?", even though she had a barrette in her hair. People are so dumb!)
Uh, but Target usually sucks for registries, actually. They consistently run our of stock, or stop carrying things, or whatever. I mean, not saying they will - just be prepared. Anyway, you KNOW I want that information!
Land of Nod is a great place for some stuff you can't find everywhere, too!

Mimi said...

Actually, even though I know what I'm getting The Mustang Boy, would you send the the link?

Finding Pam said...

I agree about Target and they are always out of stock on their registry items. It frustrates me to no end. Usually, I just buy what I want for the gift.

I want the link as well. Would like to know what name you choose.

Daryl said...

Yeah well I am getting him a black t-shirt with hells angels on it .. or may skulls .. something hip hot and NEWYAWK

Bubblewench said...

I like Daryl's idea.. how bout a leather Harley jacket?? hee..hee... I'll email you. :)