Monday, April 25, 2011

and so it begins

Its been a long day... already!

This weekend was good, but long. My balance, lately, has been kind of wonky, and our shower floor has been very slick. No, I didn't exactly fall, but did the awkward slide, a few times, which really aggravated my joints and sciatic pains.... I was fine, though, and Mustang Boy was acting his usual self, too.
he didn't move as much as I am used to for the last 24 hours, or so... and this morning, I could not entice him into moving for me, at all.
Enter, pregnant woman panic mode....
I called my OB office, because he is so great. Forgetting Monday's are his day off...
So I had the on call MD paged. But, in the mean time, the office of my regular OB called me back, and told me that I should just go on in to the labor and delivery area of the hospital, they will put me on a monitor just to make sure things are okay. In between all these calls, I was of course calling MM, crying because I was freaked out.
I ate some sugar filled torture devices (jelly beans) to see if I could wake the boy, then headed to the hospital. I really liked the nurses, they put me right on the monitor, and everything was (and is) of course, fine. Once on the monitor, Mustang Boy began to move and kick like no ones business. He just didn't want to wake up this morning at home, for ME...
I am telling you, this kid is going to be one to watch!


Bubblewench said...

Oh gosh.. what a heart stopper!! Glad it's all ok!!

Mimi said...

My youngest did that to me once. I definitely know how you felt.

Kick baby, kick :)

Daryl said...

It was MONDAY he knew he didnt have school or a job so he was sleepin' in!