Thursday, November 18, 2010


And so it begins...

they are saying that this weekend, we will have Snow.
I could have a 'White Thanksgiving'....
we have firewood, food, each other...
that could be fun!


sybil law said...


Finding Pam said...

I can't imagine gettin snow? That would really be special for the holiday. Do you live in the moutains of California?

I appreciate your comments on my blog. I said I thought you must be a nurse. When I came to your blog I realized that you are a nurse.

I promise once I get going good on my meds that I will read the side effects. You can hold me to that OK.

I just don't want to know them because if I do, I will make myself have the side effects. I don't know how that is,but I know myself too well. SO far I am feeling fine. I am having trouble with getting ravenous at supper time and it takes me a while to recover. I may need to add a late afternoon snack.

I sure hope you get snow. We lived in California almost 39 years ago in Merced and Atwater. My husband was a pilot in the A.F. The weather was fantastic.

CamiKaos said...

K would be sooo jealous.

They say we may get snow Sunday & Monday but it would just be a sprinkling.