Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

Ugh. is all I have to say about this particular week

We knew snow was coming
what we didn't know is that we'd get 2.5 feet of it
and that multiple trees would fall down
on the power lines
and that we would be without power for going on, um, four days now?
I am in a hotel typing this, because I needed to be warm. I needed a shower. I needed lights and even the background noise of a television.
None of which I can get at home, yet.

So, my fish are dying, because I can't save them. I've done what I could for them, but four days, with probably another day at least without heat or added oxygen to the tanks is too much.
We lost most of our ornamental trees. The plum tree. The cherry. The dogwood. And some pine trees
Our yard
is a freaking mess.

I may, or may not get to cook our Thanksgiving dinner...

But we have a home. We have each other. We can get new fish. We can get new trees. We can learn from this
(the lesson? We will be purchasing a generator, so that this doesn't happen again...)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone


sybil law said...

So thankful that you all are okay and you have each other, though - and a home!
But YES - a generator!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Finding Pam said...

That sounds awful. I am so sorry that the little new fish are in the cold.

Down here, we finally got a generator because of all of the tornadoes and storms causing the power to go out.

I hope you can salvage the remains of the day.

Daryl said...

Oh no. I hope by now its all back .. the heat/light anyway ... and I hope Santa brings a generator.. xoxo