Monday, April 28, 2014


Having a toddler is crazy. Pure craziness. Every day is a different day, and despite what all these parenting experts recommend, the day IS run by the child. Not that MB is making big decisions, but if he's cranky, or tired or argumentative, it sure does alter my plans. I'd rather not be running errands with a cranky kid, thanks.
     The last few weeks, though, have really blown my mind. He is learning so fast that I can't keep up, practically. He's truly a sponge. Speaking in understandable sentences, telling us what he wants, expressing emotions (sad, mad), jumping off things, picking on the dog. Suddenly, he's a kid. Not a baby, moving out of the "toddler" age, into full blown, energetic, regular kid. It's really amazing to watch. It's like his little inner light bulb came on, and each day it gets brighter and brighter.
     By evening he is exhausted from all he's taking in. He gets irritable and bratty, then, thankfully, goes to sleep. The next day, we do it all again, and he learns even more. And lets not even talk about how fast he's outgrown his pants.