Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I have a sad

Holy Hell.

I did an unusual thing today, in the spare few moments of quiet I'm getting, while Sesame Street is on.
I went and read some old blog posts, from the year 07, when I met MM. And I discovered something.
I was writing. Fairly well, too. About things I'd forgotten about, or how I felt. Or useless things. But I was writing.
I had things to say. And when I didn't I found things to say.
And now? Where are those words now? Where'd my brain go? I know it's here, somewhere, and it contains more funny family antics (though washing a Turkey in the shower is hard to beat). It has more opinions about this world, and what's in it.
But I seem to have lost it.
I'm not writing anymore. The cob webs have set in. The hinges on the box are rusty. And though I am currently happily living life, loving where I'm at now, in it, looking back, at those old posts?
Makes me sad.
I lost something, and I'm not sure if I can find it, again....