Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Very rarely will I post about my job, here. This isn't the place, really, for that.
     Today, however, will be an exception.
Last night, I went to make a visit to see one of our sickest patients. 10 minutes after I got there, she died.
     It's good, really. She was suffering. I was waiting downstairs, giving her family privacy in her last moments. When she passed, her daughter alerted me to the time, with a vocalization that can only be described as keening. Just one, long, emotion packed word.
And I started crying.
Then I pulled myself together, and waited some more, until the family was ready for me to offer my comfort, and do my job.
But I won't forget last night anytime soon....


Finding Pam said...

You are truly an Angel of mercy. I can't imagine how much that family appreciated you being there and especially taking care of their loved one. Not many people could do what you do.

Daryl said...

big hugs to you my friend, having recently spent time with a close and dying friend at hospice i know how emotional it is and how special hospice nurses are ..

Mimi said...

I have long said that Hospice Nurses are angels on earth, and this post does not change my opinion in the slightest, in fact it strengthens it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May your patient's Memory be Eternal.