Tuesday, April 17, 2012


My poor, poor, neglected blog.

I've been thinking about it a lot, lately. How I used to post regularly, then semi regularly, and now, so sporadically. I've gone back and forth, on just to "end" it, or keep it, or, what?
The memories here are some things I've already forgotten, and many I'll never forget. And for that reason alone, I am leaving it here, until I decide I don't want to anymore.
I don't want to print it. Somehow, it just seems wrong to do that. I didn't start this with the intention of printing any of it. Except maybe the recipes, for other people if need be.
So, it's here, for me to sporadically type at. It still has some life in it. And I do like to go visit the other blogs I've made friends with. I know I don't get to comment much anymore. Having a squirmy boy on my lap prevents me from typing anything that would make any sense, usually. He's discovered Mama's keyboard does neat things. MM thinks he's already practicing code. He may be right.
So, here I am, with my neglected blog that has been through so much. Maybe as MB gets older I am going to gain a semblance of freedom back again (ha ha). Or I will at least have a place to quickly dash off a humorous story of his antics. (So far my best one might just be that refried beans make for an explosive diaper... but I digress). We shall see what it evolves in to.
For now, for anyone keeping score, MM and I are still sickeningly happy with each other, being married hasn't ruined that :)
Mustang Girl is graduating high school VERY soon. That just makes my heart palpate looking at it. She is considering going to school in another area of the state, meaning, she's possibly going to leave and fly on her own.. (that really makes me palpate)
MB is doing what babies do. Drooling, growing teeth, and crawling all through the house, usually leaving a trail of havoc and drool in his wake. He's also teaching MG's new cat what it's like to live with a wee one. Good times...
So, I'll still continue to sporadically post. But I am reading.... and if you get a comment from me that looks like GLKJBGVFHBNBGVHN
then you'll know that MB had an opinion on what we read that day. And I've got sticky boy fingers and drool all over my keyboard...


sybil law said...

I only half miss the drooling and crawling and sticky keyboard! Ha!
I don't post nearly as much, either - nor do I care, really. I'm definitely keeping my blog up, though, for an indeterminate amount of time. It's nice to check in now and then!
Cannot believe MG is gonna graduate soon!!

Finding Pam said...

We all need a break now and then. I hope you will find time to blog. Being busy with MB is so much fun and he will grow up too fast. So for now enjoy him.

Daryl said...

It is hard to believe how neglected this poor blog is .. but when you do show up it makes me so happy to see/hear whats going on .. I dont do FB very well ... glad you arent going to give it up ... xo