Thursday, March 1, 2012

NOW it snows... figures

Leap day brought us a pretty darn good storm this year, and despite the weather man predictions, its still snowing today. One of those wet, slushy mushy snows. And of course, yesterday we had things to do that needed to be done.
They make it a 3 ring circus now for women to change their names after they get married! I kind of understand why some choose to keep their maiden names, now....
However, my last name, for the last gazillion years, was my ex's name. I never put it back, because all of my military paperwork was in that name, and it seemed like a ginormous hassle. I wish I had, though. Every time I wrote that name out, after we were divorced, I felt kind of like a fraud.
Ah well. No difference. I've jumped through my many hoops, and now have a new name :)
MB is getting bigger, and much more interactive. He still really likes people. Yesterday, he charmed everyone in the bank, including the big, burly banker who just HAD to hold him while I was signing their paperwork. It was funny....
This blog post is massively boring....
I'll come back when I have something good to say :)


sybil law said...

There's a rumor that we're going to get snow Sunday - hoping for a snow day, but the people who started that rumor are frequently wrong (weathermen). Of course, tomorrow it's supposed to be 67 and sunny. Fracking weather!
Who could blame the dude who wanted to hold that cutie pie?

Daryl said...

I was never going to change my name... and then finally Toonman proposed and we got married and it seemed suddenly important to make a statement, to say I AM MARRIED I changed it ... sent copies of whatever was required to the various department store credit cards I had .. and got new shiny cards with my new name .. except for Macy's .. they sent me a new card with the name Susan Singer .. I called and explained my new name was Daryl Edelstein .. I changed my LAST name NOT my first .. DOH

and it was a good post .. but please get rid of the frickin' WV torture .. please